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Communication from Joint CEO’s YCCGBA Date 24.11.20

Audience : Districts to forward to clubs

Grants and Funds

The government-sponsored business grant fund should be available from your local council. It is open to clubs who have a rateable value and have had to CLOSE in the latest lockdown.

You have to apply and confirm that you have suffered because of the lockdown, we would suggest if you normally would be closed in the period of the lockdown, you should check that your club is eligible to receive the grant. Our understanding is the authorities will be checking eligibility. Remember this grant is for businesses affected by the lockdown.

Sport England

The return to play fund is open again link below

Winter Leagues

Following the announcement from HM Government of the lifting of the lockdown from December we will communicate the guidelines for the running of winter leagues in the next few days, especially moving between tiers as this has been a hot topic in the phone calls/messages we have received.

The underlying message is common sense should be used

Keep safe everyone

S N Cochrane D Alan Stephenson Joint interim CEO YCCGBA

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