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Club News

Club Competition- Bowler Golf

The May club competition is going to be bowler golf. The competition is going to take place on Sunday May 9th with a 1:30 pm start. There will be an entry fee of £1 per person. The exact format of the competition and any prizes will be decided when the number of entries is known.

There was a feeling that last time it was necessary for participants to play too many matches and we want to avoid that this time. The closing date for entries will be Sunday May 2nd. Entries can be made via the club’s WhatApp site, through Facebook messenger or through the club’s email site.

The organisers would like to run a raffle to raise some additional money for the club and if anyone has anything suitable they would like to donate as a prize (bottles of wine, cakes etc) then that would be much appreciated.

The Club is also appealing for new Committee members and has gone into writing looking to recruit some more members.

The committee wants its’ membership to reflect all aspects of the club’s activities. It wants members who are bowlers, pool players and dominoes players. It also wants members who see themselves as being only social members. If you would like to be on the committee and want to contribute to the development of the club then please make contact with the club. This can be done either through Facebook Messenger or through the club’s e-mail address at

The form below is for your use to inform us of anything happening in your club that you would like to share with all the website visitors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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