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Changes to World Club Championship

Bowling News

Pudsey BC will get the opportunity to defend its 2021 title when the World Club Championship is staged at Spen Victoria in March and April but changes are afoot.

The BCGBA World Club Championship will move from its traditional March/April dates to the second and third Sundays in October from season 2023. There is a tidy-up session to move to that new format which means that the 2022 and 2023 competitions will both be run in the same year, 2023.

The format will remain the same. The competition will be played at Spen Victoria Cricket, Bowling & Athletic Club with qualifying rounds on the last two Sundays in March and the first two Sundays in April. The final will take place on the third Sunday in April (16th). All these dates have been added to the HuddWeb Homepage Calendar.

The changes are necessary as the BCGBA has introduced a rule change which forbids annual competitions from being staged over more than one calendar year. The first round of qualifiers for the new 2023 competition will be held from Sunday 8 October 2023.

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