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Champion of Champions

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The final showpiece event of the BCGBA season is the Champion of Champions competition and as the 32 finalists in each of the Mens and Ladies competitions are finalised there is a late change in the venue for this prestigious event.

Due to the condition of the greens at Heaton Park, it has become necessary to change the venue of the 2022 BCGBA Champion of Champions (Saturday 24th September) and BCG Ladies 2022 Champion of Champions (Sunday 25th September).

Both competitions will now be played at Monk Sports & Social Club, Hillock Lane, Woolston, Warrington WA1 4NF.

The list of men and lady qualifiers as at 31 August 2022 is below. I make that 27 men and 24 ladies that have qualified so far. With some individuals qualifying through more than one competition success means that the reserve competitions will be brought into play to make up the 32 in each sector.

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