Can the League safely reopen next week?

Winter League

The Winter League is scheduled to reopen its inaugural season next week after the Christmas break but it is right to do so? An announcement by the Government this afternoon will identify more areas that will be placed in Tier 4 with tighter restrictions. Indications are that this will not include West Yorkshire at the present time but with the pandemic sweeping northwards it may only be a matter of days before that changes.

Yesterday more than 53,000 new cases were confirmed and 414 people died due to COVID-19 infections. Both those numbers are on a rapid increase with the number of cases a record which passed the previous high recorded the day before. The Winter League season is due to reopen on Tuesday 5 January and conclude before the end of that month with teams playing another 6 matches in that time.

It seems inevitable that it is only a matter of time before Kirklees is placed in Tier 4 where bowling will be banned. Should we be considering pre-empting that inevitability by delaying the reopening of our bowling season that we may not be able to complete anyhow? Are all our teams comfortable with the safety arrangements in place and do they have enough bowlers willing to play to fulfil their remaining fixtures?

Are all those bowlers that have been confined to their homes over the Christmas period now willing to step outside to join in a bowling match? Should we be acting more responsibly? The vaccine is on its way. Not much further to go before we can all feel safer leaving our homes. The present guidance does allow us to continue competitive bowling but in the face of this new fast-infecting new variation of the virus should we be considering delaying the reopening of the season?

Tell us how you feel about the present situation and what you think the league should be considering at this worrying time. Add your comments below. You need to be a Site Member and logged in to do that. Become a Site member.

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