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Bowls Big Weekend is a big flop in Huddersfield

Bowling News

The Bowls Big Weekend is a national initiative to promote bowling - lawn and crown green - over a four-day period to try and recruit new bowlers to clubs nationwide. Some support is offered to clubs in promoting their events, especially in advertising.

The four-day timespan (Friday 26th to Monday 29th May) will see clubs around the country open their doors to give new participants the chance to discover everything that is great about our sociable, accessible sport. Events don't have to last the full weekend, many are selecting one of the four dates to concentrate their efforts.

Last year 735 clubs staged events to introduce the sport to new bowlers. This year to date 540 clubs have registered events, and you can use the national database to find your nearest participating club here.

I did a search of these 540 clubs on the system's database and asked it to list all the clubs holding events within 20 miles of Huddersfield. It sent me back details of three events in Leeds and one in Barnsley. None at all in Huddersfield which is strange when we claim that the town is a hotbed of the sport.

Last year the Bowls Development Group organised an event at Greenhead Park for the Bowls Big Weekend but I have heard nothing about a repeat this year up to now. With a week to go before the initiative starts off there is a limited time to advertise any event to the masses out there that just could be interested in trying out our sport.

If you are holding an event over that Bank Holiday Weekend then perhaps you would like to add it to the Bowls Big Weekend system to aid exposure and attract more new bowlers to try out the sport.

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