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Bowls Big Weekend flop

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Some 777 bowling clubs across the UK have now signed up to be involved in promoting our sport through the national campaign titled Bowls Big Weekend. Clubs are being encouraged to support this initiative by holding open events over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend to encourage more people of all ages to try out the sport. This initiative is being supported by lawn bowling and crown green bowling nationally.

There is a new website dedicated to the campaign and it is claimed that over 750 clubs have already signed up to provide a warm welcome for new bowlers. There is a Search facility on that website so that you can find a club near you that is supporting the weekend and holding open sessions for new bowlers.

I did a Search on the website to find the nearest club to my Lepton home. It told me that there is one at Middleton Park in Leeds or going south there is one in Penistone. If that site is working properly then there are no such events at all in the Huddersfield area. And we wonder why the sport is dying.

Bowlers tell me that Huddersfield is a hotbed for crown green bowling but that is not supported by this evidence. If it is a hotbed then it won't be much longer with this kind of response.

If your club is doing something over that Bank Holiday weekend worth mentioning then let me know and I will be delighted to include it among these postings and contact the Bowls Big Weekend website as well and become the first Huddersfield club to advertise their event..

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Bowling in Huddersfield has been dying for years and the pandemic has not helped either but we don't help ourselves...bowling is a sport where all the family can actually play together in a team,,,, boys,girls mum's and dad's even grandparents...other association s have cottoned on to this in fact the elland league have been doing this for at least 40 years but oh no not on a Saturday in Huddersfield god forbid that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a slightly different note the Huddersfield junior League have tried to promote bowling even to the extent of trying to get a fun introduction day up at greenhead park but kirklees council have been no help whatsoever so to be fair some of us are…

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