Bowling etiquette query - what would you do?

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The two captains meet pre-match to make the draw for which bowlers will be playing each other in today's league match. The visiting captain apologises but he is a bowler short and can only field 9 bowlers in his 10-man team. The home team puts 9 scorecards facedown on the table inviting the opposing captain to cover them with his 9 scorecards.

The visiting captain says that there should be 10 home team cards on the table and he will miss out one of them when he matches his 9 cards with them. The home team captain is adamant that he only needs to put out 9 cards as the visitors only have 9 bowlers. The home team captain has obviously excluded the card with his weakest bowler's name on.

The visiting captain insists that the home team puts out 10 cards hoping to include their opponent's weakest bowler in the match. The home team captain insists that he alone picks his team and that the visiting team is defaulting and so have no rights to insist on 10 cards being on the table.

What would you do?

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