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BCGBA Ladies Merit title comes back to Yorkshire

Bowling News

Congratulations to Andrea Buckley who won the BCGBA Senior Merit at Tarleton on Saturday defeating Jordan Picken 21-14 in the final. Andrea played consistently well all day, absolutely nailing 2 very tricky greens, not to mention the ever-changing weather including an hour delay for thunder, lightning and some hard Lancashire rain!

Well done to Andrea who now qualifies for the Champion of Champions in October and she becomes the fourth Yorkshire lady to lift the title and made it two in a row for Yorkshire following on from Chloe Hirst's success last year.


Julie Bonnar (North Derbyshire) 9-21 Cheryl Caswell (Shropshire)

Jean Wanbon (Cheshire) 9-21 Vikki Wilson (South Staffordshire)

Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21-6 Julie Burgess (Staffordshire)

Charlotte Buckley (Greater Manchester) 11-21 Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire)

Liz Bennett (North Lancs & Fylde) 16-21 Helen Williams (Dudley & District)

Emily Weaver (Warwick & Worcester) 21-13 Wendy Thompson (Merseyside)

Nicola Boulton (Mid Cheshire) 16-21 Liz Buckley (North Warwickshire)

Barbara Lowe (Burton & District) 13-21 Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Yorkshire)

Natalia Connor (Shropshire) 18-21 Sue Gawne (Isle of Man)

Melanie Saville-Fearn (South Yorkshire) 21-15 Samantha Murray (South Staffordshire)

Sheila Wilson (North Derbyshire) 17-21 Jane Glaister (Cumbria)

Caroline David (Wales) 9-21 Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire)

Joan Beer (North Lancs & Fylde) 10-21 Karen Galvin (Cheshire)

Charlotte Perry (North Warwickshire) 7-21 Tina Ralph (North Shropshire)

Bev Sumner (Lancashire) 21-10 Gail Lewis (Merseyside)

Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21-5 Mary Mousley (Burton & District)

Linda Williams (Wales) 14-21 Sally King (Shropshire)

Debbie Watters (North Lancs & Fylde) 21-14 Sheila Jones (Staffordshire)

Chloe Hirst (Yorkshire) 21-8 Debbie Whitworth (South Yorkshire)

Violet Dennison (Cumbria) 13-21 Alisha Marshall (Mid Cheshire)

Sharon Tatem (Burton & District) 18-21 Stephanie Witherspoon (Warwick & Worcester)

Jackie Burdett (North Midlands) 21-18 Amy Evans (North Warwickshire)

Susan Pugh (Dudley & District) 21-10 Kathryn Gee (Cheshire)

Anne Goddard (North Derbyshire) 21-20 June Taylor (Greater Manchester)

Sarah Edmondson (North Lancs & Fylde) 21-15 Clare Backhouse (Cumbria)

Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire) 21-18 Debbie Davis (Yorkshire)

Jane Cooper (Staffordshire) 21-20 Amanda Nicholas (Wales)

Tracy Bound (Shropshire) 21-17 Donna Wainwright (South Yorkshire)

Veronica Lyon (Cheshire) 13-21 Sharon Rigden (Lancashire)

Diane Hearnden (Warwick & Worcester) 16-21 Suzy Ladbrooke (Yorkshire)

Anita Richardson (Merseyside) 21-18 Jayne Smith (Isle of Man)

Alyson Evans (North Warwickshire) 21-18 Vanessa McEgan (Greater Manchester)


Cheryl Caswell (Shropshire) 15-21 Vikki Wilson (South Staffordshire)

Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 10-21 Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire)

Helen Williams (Dudley & District) 4-21 Emily Weaver (Warwick & Worcester)

Liz Buckley (North Warwickshire) 21-18 Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Yorkshire)

Sue Gawne (Isle of Man) 8-21 Melanie Saville-Fearn (South Yorkshire)

Jane Glaister (Cumbria) 13-21 Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire)

Karen Galvin (Cheshire) 20-21 Tina Ralph (North Shropshire)

Bev Sumner (Lancashire) 18-21 Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)

Sally King (Shropshire) 21-12 Debbie Watters (North Lancs & Fylde)

Chloe Hirst (Yorkshire) 21-5 Alisha Marshall (Mid Cheshire)

Stephanie Witherspoon (Warwick & Worcester) 21-10 Jackie Burdett (North Midlands)

Susan Pugh (Dudley & District) 21-10 Anne Goddard (North Derbyshire)

Sarah Edmondson (North Lancs & Fylde) 8-21 Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire)

Jane Cooper (Staffordshire) 8-21 Tracy Bound (Shropshire)

Sharon Rigden (Lancashire) 14-21 Suzy Ladbrooke (Yorkshire)

Anita Richardson (Merseyside) 21-15 Alyson Evans (North Warwickshire)


Vikki Wilson (South Staffordshire) 12-21 Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire)

Emily Weaver (Warwick & Worcester) 21-10 Liz Buckley (North Warwickshire)

Melanie Saville-Fearn (South Yorkshire) 7-21 Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire)

Tina Ralph (North Shropshire) 18-21 Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)

Sally King (Shropshire) 21-13 Chloe Hirst (Yorkshire)

Stephanie Witherspoon (Warwick & Worcester) 18-21 Susan Pugh (Dudley & District)

Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire) 21-16 Tracy Bound (Shropshire)

Suzy Ladbrooke (Yorkshire) 21-13 Anita Richardson (Merseyside)


Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire) 21-19 Emily Weaver (Warwick & Worcester)

Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire) 15-21 Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)

Sally King (Shropshire) 18-21 Susan Pugh (Dudley & District)

Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire) 21-6 Suzy Ladbrooke (Yorkshire)


Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire) 21-18 Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)

Susan Pugh (Dudley & District) 8-21 Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire)


Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire) 21-14 Jordan Picken (South Staffordshire)

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