Atkinson's annihilating opener

Ladies Works League

When we posted the weekly review of results from the Ladies Works League yesterday there was one match outstanding. That result is now in and what a declaration it is to all the other teams in Divison 1. Champions Atkinson Butchers just blew PEG Perego away with an overwhelming Friday night performance and complete whitewash with a 168-46 scoreline. All 8 team members not only won their individual games but all did in a manner that didn't allow any of their opponents to reach double figures. The visitors scored 2,3,4,5,7,8,8,9 for an average game score of 21-6. Atkinsons have certainly thrown down the challenge to the rest of the teams that they will not be giving up their title easily and, on this evidence, may have further similar results lined up for other visitors to their green.

This was a big wake-up call for PEG Perego (formerly Trusted) who were playing their first match at this level after promotion following their second-place finish in Division 2 at the end of last season (2019). The only comfort they can take from the experience is that they don't have to go to New Mill again this year and they are unlikely to face such an onslaught again from a team at the top of their form. Take the positives, the only way is up and don't stop enjoying your game.

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