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Answer to 'Name the team, competition, green & year'


Earlier in the week we asked you to name the team, competition, green, bowlers and year of this photograph. Not too many good guesses but well done to Martin Holt and Des Emsall for part efforts correct as far as they went and to the most complete answer coming from Alan Crowther as he managed to name 8 of the 12 bowlers in addition to getting all the other details correct.

The answers are:

Team - Almondbury Lib Competition - Henry Taylor Cup Winners Green - Heckmondwike, where the final was played Year - 2009

Bowlers: Back row (left to right) - M. Hollingworth, J. Martin, M. Wilson, N. Jones (captain), A Heaume, R. Wiltshire Front row - D Crowther, C Jones, W. Barrett, S. Maude, A. Battye, M. Martin

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