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Answer to latest 'Name the team, green, bowlers and year'


Earlier in the week I asked you to name the team, bowlers, year and green that this photograph featured. I admitted at the time that I didn't know the green but one entry may have got it spot on, read on.

I can tell you that the team was the Yorkshire Senior County away team of 1977 and their names are: Back row left to right: Tony Powell, David Harrison, Peter Jackson, Jack Horsfield, G E Cole, R Ripley, Derek Marshall, Gene Bardon, Alan Thompson Front Row: Vic Sugden, Ken Johnson, Donald Pile, Derek Ripley, Brian Armitage and Rob Wilby.

A chance meeting over the weekend between Martin Holt and Ossett Flying Horse bowler David Armitage on a Mediterranean beach came up with a joint total of 14 of the bowler's names. HuddWeb gets everywhere! The duo were also spot on with the year of 1977. Interestingly David's guess at the green as Winton Bowling Tennis & Social Club in Salford looks promising when checking with that club's website with a very similar looking clubhouse to the one in the photograph. David also added that it was the following year, 1978, that County uniforms were introduced for the first time.

The 2nd best guess came from Alan Brown who correctly identified 13 of the bowlers, Alan Crowther who got 12 of the 15 names correct, Bill Blackburn and Andy Carter who both managed 11 correct answers and Brian Roberts who was the best of the rest. Alan Brown was also close to getting the year right but was one year out when he suggested 1976 and he was spot on with his team selection of the Yorkshire away team.

Well done to all of them and the others who sent me their best guesses. I am especially grateful to Bill Blackburn who provided some additional information about many of those in the photo which I have added below for your information.

Tony Powell (played at Cowcliffe but lived in Wakefield), David Harrison (Mirfield Old Bank, Amondbury BC and Slaithwaite), Peter Jackson (Springwood), Jack Horsfield (Crosland Moor Lib, lived in Keighley, potato merchant), Gene Barden (Newsome and Almondbury), Alan Thompson (Mirfield OB), Vic Sugden (Newsome), Ken Johnson (Skipton), Donald PIle (President) Derek Ripley (Horsforth Con and Crosland Moor), Brian Armitage (Newsome).

Another 'Name the Team, Green, Bowlers and Year' coming up soon.

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