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Ladies Works League

Teams we are saying Goodbye to ...

Regrettably we now have only 15 teams in the Ladies Works League. The new team "Walkers Holdings" (Lowerhouses) that was to join us last year has unfortunately had to cancel due to insufficient players. We wish that this wasn't the case for Michelle Booth who would have been captain, and maybe a team will occur sometime in the future. We were all raring to play matches with a new team on what must be one of the most magnificent greens in the district, what a shame.

The other 2 teams that won't be with us this year are "Pauls Kitchens" (Bradley & Colne) and "The Groom Room" (Paddock C & B). These two teams would have found it difficult to field a team last year and as such their absence is unrelated to the Covid pandemic. Ill health and age-related issues appear to be the main reason for their withdrawal in addition to alternative hobbies being nurtured. We wish the captains Pat Beever (Pauls Kitchens) and Sue Richardson (The Groom Room) and all their players well for the future.

We will miss playing on Paddock C & B which was always in tip-top condition with a silky smooth surface. Similarly we will miss the challenges of playing on Bradley and Colne, again a superb green. Most of all we will miss the players, many of whom have been members of the League and friends of ours for many years. We thank you all for all the entertainment you have provided us with and your input to the League over the years.

We know that some players from these teams have found new teams to play in this year so strengthening existing teams, so that's a positive note. If any other players need any help to find a team please let any of us know as we don’t want to lose any players unnecessarily, we can find you somewhere that you would enjoy.

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