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Another noisy club story


Last Thursday we ran a story about a bowling club that had an 8pm playing curfew enforced on them after complaints of noise emanating from the green.

That prompted Bill Blackburn to recall his own memory of a similar instance nearer home. Bill tells the story.

Your story about a 'noisy' club reminds me of an incident a few years ago. At Lindley BC we had a new bowling rep and at his first meeting another bowler asked which club he was from. He said Lindley, the bloke asked if it was the liberal club or the 'posh' one. 

About this time the league (Saturday) received a message from the Lindley president asking if the league would like to use their green on a Saturday (the club had no teams at the time). The league agreed to put some games on to the green.

Halfway through the season the club asked if no more games could be allocated to the club. The reason given was ''that there was a lot of shouting going on, and the bowlers were not returning glasses to the bar after having a drink.''

I think the club has moved on a bit since then.

Bill Blackburn

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