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Another bowling green closes

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Yet another local bowling green has now been closed down and not only that but has now been turned successfully into a new croquet lawn. The second green at Ravensknowle Park can no longer be used by the public for crown green bowling. Instead, it has become a new home for croquet in the town.

It is believed that the Canalside croquet club which has been homeless since the closure of the Leeds Road venue has now been rehoused on the Ravensknowle Park location. In fact so popular has the move become that membership is flourishing with numbers up from 15 to 50 since the change had been completed. Crown green bowling's loss is croquet's gain.

The green used by the Ravensknowle Park bowling club remains in position. The club now only has teams in the Veterans League and the club contributes enormously to the maintenance of the green by undertaking many of the duties previously the responsibility of Kirklees MC.

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Mar 30, 2022

When the Canalside's croquet "green" closed 2 to 3 years ago the club moved to Greenhead Park's bottom green


While the loss of a bowling green is a pity, congratulations must go to the croquet club. The loss of bowling club members is well documented on here so with a four fold increase in membership the croquet club must be doing something right.

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