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Another 0-8 defeat for Division 1 leaders

Winter League

Review of the results from the Divisions 1 & 2 fixtures played on Wednesday 10 January

For the second consecutive week the Division 1 leaders have been beaten 8-0. This week it was the turn of the reigning Champions to feel the wrath of a major rival as Thorpe Green recovered from a 0-8 loss last week to inflict the same on Lower Hopton and reclaim top spot for themselves again.

New Mill A moved up to third place after a 6-2 win over Golcar Lib, passing Clayton West on the way after they lost 2-6 to Kirkheaton Con A. That was a 5th consecutive defeat for the Golcar Lib side as it was for Lowerhouses A as they went down 2-6 to Lindley BC A. The Kirkheaton Con's result was revenge for an early season loss to the West and they are on a roll of 3 wins from their last 4 matches and are inching away from the drop zone. All that leaves Lowerhouses and Golcar Lib seriously adrift at the foot of the table and sat in the two relegation places.

Cowcliffe A continue to shake off all-comers in Division 2 as they clocked up their 10th successive win and retained their 100% win record after beating Huddersfield Recreation Club 6-2. That has resulted in a 22-point lead for Cowcliffe at present and the likelihood of being the first team to seal promotion which could come as soon as in 3 weeks time and still in January.

After losing to the top two teams in their last two fixtures Denby Dale bounced back with an emphatic 8-0 win over Brockholes A who dropped into the relegation places as a result. But it was a different story for Denby Dale who go second and lead a pack of three teams vying for that second promotion place. The other two contenders being Milnsbridge A and Lindley BC B who both suffered setbacks this week. The Milnsbridge side lost 0-8 to Lindley Lib A for a first win in four whilst Lindley BC B lost by the unusual scoreline of 3-5 as they shared the aggregate points after a 53-53 draw. That was against Lockwood Con A who moved out of the relegation places as a result as they completed a Lindley double in 8 days after beating Lindley Lib A last week.

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