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You can easily add a photo to your profile and then it will appear alongside any comments that you make on any posting. Just a personal touch. It doesn't necessarily have to be your photo, it doesn't necessarily have to be a photo it could be an image, an icon, or cartoon character. Whatever you choose but remember it is pretty small when it appears on screen so select carefully.

You need to become a Website Member to join in but that is a 30-second job where you provide your name and email address and that's it. Being a Member allows you to add your comments to any posting and you also receive email notifications any time someone comments on your comments or when any new articles are added to the homepage.

I use the photo of Pierluigi Collina the wonderful Italian football referee with the scary eyes on my profile. I was a football referee once hence my email address is jefftheref. So I like to add his photo to my comments and postings. Over to you. It is a straightforward task to add an image of your liking just follow this 6-stage process.

If you are not a Member already you need to become a Website Member

1. Log in via the box in the top right corner of every page on the website

2. Click on your name in the top right box

3. Click on PROFILE

4. Click on EDIT

5. SELECT your preferred image from your own files


That image should then appear in your top right box and in every posting you make in the Comments sections.

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