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7th Marsh Qualifier

Club News

Marsh United Bowling Club £2200 Competition 2021

Seventh Qualifying Night Results - July 24th

First Round Adam Dickerson 21 Wayne Moseley 17 Paul Ingleby 21 Karen Hill 16 Danny Kilburn 21 Neil Simpson 15 Tom Hanson 21 John Greenhalgh 20

Second Round Paul Ingleby 21 Adam Dickerson 17 Tom Hanson 21 Danny Kilburn 2

Qualifying Round Paul Ingleby 21 Tom Hanson 14

Still to come

July 31st

Ross Mallinson v Dave Fox

Michael Martin v Graham Hickey

Liam Fallas v David Scott

Ashley Daykin v Liam Griffin

Finals Day Qualifiers to date: Gary Siswick, George Turton, Sam Day, Craig Gant, Rob Wiltshire, Jack Dyson, Paul Ingleby

August 7th - Finals Night

6:00pm practice and 6:30pm start on all nights including finals night

One qualifier from each qualifying night to progress to finals night

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