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7 New team applications

Winter League

The doors remain open until 5 July for new teams to apply to join the Huddersfield Winter League for the new season starting in October with 7 applications already received. Fourteen teams finished the inaugural but COVID shortened season last year but it was well received by the local bowling community and looks like being the only bowling league in Huddersfield/Yorkshire/UK with an increase in 2021 membership numbers.

The new team applications include 5 teams from clubs that had teams in the League last year so testifying to the belief that the 'once tried you are hooked'. Those new teams include Springwood 'B', Lindley BC 'B', Rastrick 'B', Thorpe Green 'B' and Thorpe Green 'C' along with brand new entries from Jackson Bridge and Brockholes.

League Chairman, Mike Ralph of Springwood welcomes new teams ....

As sure as night follows day, winter follows summer, and in a few short months, the Huddersfield Winter League programme will start. Last year despite Covid, the Winter League did manage to bowl a short stop-start programme until eventually being forced to cancel its inaugural season. However, despite this setback, the response from the participants was without exception extremely enthusiastic, encouraging, and positive, thereby ensuring the future of our new league. In fact we expect it not only to be a permanent fixture in our bowling calendar but to gain considerably more support and flourish accordingly.

Basic details you need to know if you are thinking of joining the League

  • All bowlers must be aged 60 or over

  • Mixed-gender teams with no minimum or maximum numbers of either

  • Bowling in 2021 will be on a Monday or a Wednesday from 12noon

  • 4-person teams playing 2xSingles and 1xPairs matches

  • £15 annual fee per team

If you want to know more or apply to join then drop us an email

The closing date for new team applications is Monday 5 July.

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