62 Fantasy League entries

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The entry deadline has passed and we have 62 entries for the 2022 Fantasy league. Below are all the selections of those 62 entries so please check that yours is correct. Later this week we will be posting the first league table of the season as we begin the six-month season of hits and misses that are inevitable.

There are two major differences to this year's competition on top of the traditional straightforward battle to score the most points over the full season and they are:

  1. There are monthly prizes to be won based on the number of points teams score in each calendar month.

  2. Every entrant gets the opportunity to swap out one of their teams every month for a substitute team in the same division. You then start to collect your new team's points from that point forward.

More about all that as the season progresses but for now, just revel in the satisfaction that you are currently level-top of the league table, that's level top with 61 other contenders!

Download DOCX • 32KB

If you can't read the table below try downloading the file above and then expanding it on your PC/tablet/laptop

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