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50 events on Bowling Calendar

Bowling News

Our new homepage Bowling Calendar has been a big hit with visitors since its introduction last month. A perpetually updated Calendar of all local bowling events with links to the latest information on each is a regular reminder to bowlers of what is happening on their patch.

Currently holding over 50 planned events as the bowling season reaches its climax in local leagues of club, Huddersfield, Yorkshire and BCGBA events. Get your club event added to the Calendar by sending details to Advertise your club event to local bowlers and others completely free of charge.

The list below shows the current record of events with the Calendar updated daily with the next scheduled event appearing on the homepage which is visited by over 300 people every day of the week. You can't get better local coverage than that. Go to the Homepage now and try it out for yourself. We keep all events in the Calendar until about a week after the actual event date before they are deleted.


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