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3 Words to describe Winter bowling

Winter League

A bit of a challenge to all Winter League bowlers following the conclusion of the first full season of fixtures. We are trying to promote the League to new teams and new bowlers and we would like those that have experienced it over the past 5 months to help us with that.

So can you tell us in 3 words what you will remember about your season in the Winter League? I am sure that there are many combinations of 3 words that will help to explain to prospective bowlers what it can be like to bowl during the winter months.

If you would like to add a few more words or a few more sentences then that would be great as well especially if they are positive and will help new bowlers understand what they might be getting into.

Use the form below for both or either of the forms of response. Leaving your name and team is optional but it always helps to convince others if there is a name attached to any comments. We will be reporting back on all the comments over the coming days. Thank you for your help.

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