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3 Walk-overs kill title hopes

Ladies Works League

Review of matches played 6-10 September

When things are tight then any mistake is magnified and that is what happened this week in the race for the Division 2 title. Starting the final 7 days of the season and 3 teams could still win the title. Pearce Displays were top on 1684 points and had completed their fixture programme. Paul's Kitchens had one game to go needing to collect 148 points to overtake the leaders and were away at bottom of the table personaliseHR. Although they won the match they fell 5 points short of their target when winning 143-96 leaving Pearce Displays still in the top spot.

Next up were two teams who still had a chance of taking the title away from Pearce Displays. Holmes Dresser had won all 10 of their matches to date and had just two remaining, a home and away fixture against the other contender for the title, D Haigh & Co. Holmes Dresser had 1435 points with D Haigh & Co on 1405. The first of the final two matches was played on Friday at Holmes Dresser but unfortunately, they couldn't raise a full team and were 3 bowlers short which cost them dearly. The remaining 5 bowlers won 3 of the games and also collected a 20 from the fourth but losing 3 games to nil was very costly and a 150-97 away win for D Haigh & Co was the outcome.

There is one match still to play and that is the return meeting of D Haigh & Co who will host Holmes Dresser on Tuesday evening and both teams can still win the title, as can current leaders Pearce Displays. Holmes Dresser need 153 points to move into the top of the table spot whereas D Haigh & Co need 130 points to pass the leaders. D Haigh & Co could even lose the match and still win the title. If neither reaches their target then Pearce Displays will be the title winners. Gripping stuff with D Haigh & Co in the driving seat with a home match and a reachable target but hopefully not aided once again by playing a team short on numbers.

With all this interest in the Division 2 title race let us not forget that last week was the final 7 days of the Division 1 fixtures as well although the title outcome has long been settled and Atkinson Butchers duly completed their season with a 12th straight win to take the title by a massive 301 points from Alicia Dawn Photography. Bolster Moor Farm Shop completed their season with a 164-132 home win over the Huddersfield Recreation Club to take third place. Then finally in the very last match of the Division 1 season PEG Perego won their first match of the season with a 144-123 home victory over Strait Kutz Hairdressers so well done to them as well.

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