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2 New Winter League trophies

Winter League

The Winter League has been fortunate once again in attracting sponsorship for two new trophies to be awarded annually to successful teams and individuals.

The League presents a perpetual trophy to the team winning each Division each season as well as one to the Top Bowler in each Division each season.

With the introduction of a new Division 6 for the 2023-24 season there was a need for two new trophies and we are pleased to report that Netherton Cons Club stepped forward and offered to sponsor two new trophies. We are immensely grateful for their support.

Quite understandably they asked that their two trophies be awarded to the Division 5 winners as all Division 5 matches are played at Netherton Cons. This required a shuffling around of some other trophies to create the space to fit the two new ones into the schedule and we completed that with the assistance of some of our existing sponsors.

With the expectation that we are likely to have two more new divisions next season then we will require a further four new trophies to satisfy that demand. Any individual, club or business that may be interested in taking that further should get in touch to learn more about such opportunities. Please contact me to learn more.

The Founders Fund sponsored four of our Year 1 trophies after an appeal for donations among founder teams resulted in a £500 fund being created to satisfy that initial need.

The Top Bowler award goes to the bowler in each Division with the most wins (Singles & Pairs combined) over the season. In the event of more than one bowler having the same number of most wins then the bowler with the greater Average score shall be awarded the title.

Not forgetting The Winter Cup which is a perpetual trophy awarded annually to the winner of our individual knock-out competition that we run each year. Kirkheaton Con bowlers Gary Senior and Tony Butterfield sponsored this impressive trophy.

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