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1991 Charity match: 3 Slags v 3 Gents


A Charity bowling match was staged in 1991 featuring 3 Slags versus 3 Gentlemen bowlers. Can you name all six? If you can tear yourself away from the first photo of 'not-the-rear-end-of-the-year' to scroll through more photos below then you may discover some clues as to the identity of the 3 good-time girls and the 3 gentlemen escorting them onto the green.

As you may have guessed this was no ordinary bowling match with the onus being on each bowler to leave the nearest wood to a bottle standing on the crown without hitting it. So can you name all six and the green the match was played on.

The never before released photo below may or may not put you off your tea but will probably not help you identify the six bowlers one little jot.

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