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14 New bowling coaches for Huddersfield

Huddersfield Bowling Development

The Inter-League Huddersfield Bowling Development (HBD) group continues to make plans for the further development of bowling in the Huddersfield area and met last week to continue the preparation for the training and qualification of 14 new bowling coaches for Huddersfield.

The 14 trainees have all been identified and have signed up for the one-day qualification session to be held at Lindley BC from 10.00am on Friday 20 May. In addition there are three trainees from other areas - 2 from Derbyshire and 1 from Leeds - joining them for the training day. A pre-meeting of the trainees was also held last week where the schedule for the day was outlined to them.

Following the expected qualification of these coaches the HBD has scheduled in an Open Day for New Bowlers to be held at two local greens on Sunday 19 June. Greenhead Park and Ravensknowle Park being the two identified greens where equipment and support will be available to hopefully give a large number of prospective bowlers a first taste of what our sport is all about.

Clubs are also reminded that the national initiative to promote bowling - Bowls Big Weekend - is being held on 27-29 May and if your club is supporting this drive then advertising material is available free of charge as well as being added to the list of clubs nationally supporting the occasion. This is a great opportunity for your club to recruit new bowlers and new members. All the details can be found here.

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