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101 Years-old query


Lorraine Hirst has sent me a photograph from her family album that she is hoping to receive confirmation of some beliefs and also ask for some new information about the bowler in the photograph and the reason it was taken.

Lorraine's parents were not bowlers but she believes that her paternal grandfather was and that this is a photograph of him.

Through contact with Dave Parkin, Lorraine has also learnt that the winner of the 1922 Colne Valley Merit Final was a J. Eastwood of Slawit C&BC (see listing below). Her grandfather was Joe Eastwood and she has strong beliefs that the photograph is of her grandfather on the occasion of him winning this trophy. As he lived very close to Slawit C&BC adds to the belief that this is her grandfather.

If anyone is able to confirm or clarify that she would be very grateful plus any other information about her grandfather that may be available. Contact me at

As an aside there are some long-gone club names in the listing below, some I have never heard of and I will follow these up with my older clubmates at our regular 'Tuesday tea-time think-tank sessions' to learn of their recollections of these local clubs.

The clubs that caught my eye being Milnsbridge County, Smithriding, Electric Sports and British Dyes. Should you know something of any of these clubs and have information you can share then I would be very interested in learning of such memories. Things like have these clubs evolved into a current club or where was their green are always helpful to know as a starting point. Use the email address of to share anything with me. Thank you.

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Dave Parkin
Dave Parkin
Dec 21, 2023

For those wonderin gwho won in 1923, I managed to find that bit of the jigsaw a while ago plus some interesting data regarding entries


British Dyes was one of 4 companies that merged in 1926 to form Imperial Chemical Company (ICI), with headquarters and a manufacturing site in Dalton Huddersfield.

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