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1 in 5 Bowlers not ready to start season

One-Click Quick Poll

There are two ways of looking at the early voting on the One-Click Quick Poll we started 24 hours ago which has so far attracted 66 voters. You can view the results positively or negatively.

You could be positive and say that 79% of the bowlers canvassed are keen and ready to bowl at the start of the 2021 bowling season. Or alternatively being negative you could say that 1 in 5 bowlers has decided not to bowl at the start of the new league season. Check out the interim results in the table below and make your own mind up and then read on.

Voting as at 2.00pm Saturday 27 March

The poll continues until 5pm Monday and you can check on the current voting at any time by clicking on VIEW on the voting form below.

The votes to date prompt the question - 'How many teams can fulfil all their fixtures with a 20% drop in bowler availability?' So if you lose 2 bowlers from your 10-man team every week all season can your team continue to function and honour all your league fixtures? If you have two teams then your B side is looking for 4 new bowlers every week for the full season. Some may be OK but some are likely to struggle. Do you know what your team looks like for the first match of the season?

The voting forms below and on the homepage are the same and invite you to vote on when you expect to resume bowling again. Simple One-Click response.

The poll only allows you to vote once.

Open to all crown green bowlers everywhere.

Your vote is totally anonymous.

You can VIEW the number of votes for each option at any time and as many times as you like.

One-click is all it takes. This poll is just for information, no ulterior motive but might be helpful to some clubs and leagues and of general interest to bowlers everywhere.

Poll closes 5pm Monday.

If you have any problems using this form please try this online version.

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