League Matters


League Officials

Honorary President:

Mr Derek Beeby


Mr Geoffrey Martin 07527 681325

Email - geoffrey.martin@ntlworld.com

League Rules
for 2020 season



The league shall be known as THE HUDDERSFIELD & DISTRICT LIBERAL LEAGUE CROWN GREEN BOWLING ASSOCIATION, and is affiliated to the Yorkshire Crown Green Bowling Association. To be run by committee, consisting of President,  Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer and Committee Members from representative clubs.

An A.G.M. and Balance Sheet to be produced annually, along with a presentation evening at end of season.


League and Competition rules


  1. The committee of this association has the jurisdiction of its members to apply these rules in any dispute, and the committee’s decision is final.

  2. Bowlers in the league must be fully paid up registered bowling members of their bowling club team.

  3. All matches shall commence at 7.00 p.m. unless stipulated otherwise on the fixture list.

  4. Each team shall comprise of eight male bowlers.

  5. Away team shall throw the first Jack.

  6. Scoring system: one point per winning player plus two points to the team with highest aggregate score. If tied 1pt each.

  7. If there is handicapping, then the handicap scores must go on each players card before play commences.

  8. If a player has played more than 10 matches in the A SECTION, then that player will be tied to that section, and can’t dropdown. Clubs can swap players into both teams until this point if players are not tied. PLEASE NOTE: see rule 13, about registering players.

  9. Standard Jacks shall be used in all matches and competitions. The home club shall provide these. 

  10. Each home club should provide measures and other equipment necessary to play within the rules of the game. Both teams can measure.

  11. The home club shall inform the League Secretary within 48 hours if a match is not played on the scheduled date.  The clubs concerned shall advise the League Secretary of the mutually agreed revised date as soon as possible.

  12. All scorecards shall be postmarked not later than the Wednesday, immediately following the scheduled game.

  13. Each club must supply a list of bowlers they wish to register with the league prior to the start of the season. If a club has two teams, then these players will be split into squads, and the “A” team squad players classed as first team bowlers. Any additional registrations after the start of the season shall be at the committee’s discretion. 

  14. Failure to send a list of registered players, will incur a fine of £10 for that club, if not sent before the first week in April. 

  15. No player can play in two teams for games scheduled on the same date.

  16. In games where floodlights are to be used, they shall be switched on before the fifth pair of bowlers goes onto the green. Both team captains and both sets of players can agree to an earlier time due to adverse light conditions, with the captain's consent. 

  17. Flat shoes only shall be worn on all bowling greens.

  18. Any game being postponed due to the green being unplayable, the game must be played within 21 days. Anyone having difficulty rearranging the game must refer it back to the league officials to rectify. Anybody not complying with this rule runs the possibility of having points withdrawn. 

  19. Any rearranged game due to holidays etc., the game must be played before the scheduled date and the League Secretary informed of the new date. 

  20. The committee will take action, against any team not turning up for re-arranged matches, or trying to delay the re-arranged fixture date. 

  21. No practice allowed for the away team.

  22. The home team may practice till the start of the game.

  23. The League has got a stipulated age limit. Players must have reached 12 yrs old on the 1st January in the year of league being played.

  24. Captains have to make a random draw, for who plays who, but the order of play can be set, beforehand.

  25. If a player does not turn up on time to play in the first four, then both captains can play any one of the last four pairings in the first four. But if a player turns up to play in the last four at least 5 minutes after he has been called on to the green, then the opposition can claim the match 21-0, regardless of handicapping on the card. Common sense should prevail in these situations by both captains, and any dispute will be dealt with by the committee.

  26. The Liberal League to consist of a maximum of 24 teams. Teams wanting to join the league will go on a reserve list until a place becomes available. 

  27. Any club, which does not send a representative, to the AGM, will be fined £10 for non-attendance. 

  28. Each TEAM when at home to run a domino card. 50p per number. Payout £9 to winning number and £5 back to the association. To be collected at last meeting at end of season. (This year each team should take £50, subject to all matches being played).

  29. If teams tie on points in the League Table. Winner is decided on matches won, then if needed aggregate points difference.




  1. Bowlers in the league must be fully paid up registered bowling members of their Liberal League team, in order to qualify for entry into our merit competitions.  All entries subject to the discretion of the Liberal League Committee.

  2. On Final days, There is a dress code for the finals, as per BYE LAW 25 in the B.C.G.B.A. handbook.

  3. In adverse weather conditions rainproofs are allowed.

  4. In prelim rounds of competition, competitors must bowl on the dates stipulated in the programme, and cannot re-arrange matches to suit their own interests.

  5. Anyone not turning up for a final will have their prizemoney held back, unless extenuating circumstances can be proved.

  6. The committee will decide on any action to take, but you could forfeit the right to bowl in the Liberal League competitions, the following season.

  7. If not turning up to the presentation evening your prize money will be forfeited and given to a charity of the associations choice.

  8. Any rules or disputes not covered by the above will be settled according to the B.C.G.B.A. Rules.

  9. In order to qualify for next seasons Centenary merits you MUST play 3 league matches in 2020 season.