League Matters

The Huddersfield Junior Crown Green Bowling Association was first formed in 1994.  Its aims is to provide coaching and competition for girls and boys aged 6-16 in the Huddersfield area and to introduce youngsters to a game that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship and creates friends for life.


League Officials




Mr Michael Haigh



League Secretary / Safe Guarding Officer

Mr Geoffrey Martin

Tel – 07527 681325 / 01484 302495

E-mail - geoffrey.martin@ntlworld.com


Mrs Elizabeth Martin

Competitions Secretary

Mrs Yeolande Sykes

League Rules
for 2019 season








To coach, encourage and promote the game of crown green bowls for young boys and girls.

To provide opportunities to play SAFELY in organised leagues and competitions, encourage teamwork and sportsmanship and to reward them for their efforts.



1.   Open to all, boys and girls, who have not reached the age of 16 on January 1st of the year of the competition and must be registered bowlers with a club which is a member of the Huddersfield Junior Bowls Association to take part in league and competition bowling.

Unless rescinded by the Junior Committee.

N.B. There is no starting age limit, but players must be able to bowl correctly.

Registration fees are £15-00 per team plus £10-00 per team for automatic entry into the team Knockout competition. 1 team = £25-00, 2 teams £50-00

a) Teams must be registered, with the League Secretary, by the next to last weekend of February in the year of competition. (Usually 22nd/ 23rd Feb) or they WILL be excluded from the league format for that season.

b) After the first league match has been played, any player, who plays for their club, in a league match, CANNOT be transferred in that season.

c) If a player is registered and doesn’t play, then those players can apply for a transfer, subject to the discretion of the committee.

d) (i) If a club fails to fulfil their fixtures during the season, (for whatever reason), then players from that club can apply for a transfer to other clubs.

d) (ii) Averages accrued for players at their old club will be void.

3.   An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the league to take place in the month of February.

All monies due to the association to be handed to the treasurer before the AGM.

Balance sheet to be ratified at A.G.M. or sooner if possible.

4.   All member clubs shall be allowed one representative per team and together with all members of the Huddersfield Junior Development Committee shall be allowed to vote at the AGM.

A two thirds majority of the people present at the AGM must be obtained for all changes proposed.

The officials of the League shall be elected at the AGM and will form the League Management Committee, which will comprise, President, Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Safe Guarding Officer for every named club in the league, to implement child protection policy as laid down by The Yorkshire C.G.B.A., Auditor and Committee members.

All fees, rule changes etc. will be decided at the AGM, and can be acted on immediately after the AGM.

At least two thirds of the committee must attend the AGM in order to create a quorum.

In the event of less than two thirds of all committee members attending. The secretary must call an Emergency General Meeting (EGM), within 28 days of the cancelled AGM.

  1. All Huddersfield Junior players need to obtain a B.C.G.B.A card, if playing a league match, in the Huddersfield Junior Under 16 League.


BCGBA cards   £12-00 for both girls and boys.   Replacement cards are £3.00.

Registrar for ALL PLAYERS is :-

Mr S.Cochrane,   Montrose, Ripley Road, Knaresborough, HG5 9BY.

Mob; 07730955892. Email;.

  1. All players and spectators must conduct themselves in a civilised and sporting manner at any junior league match or competition. Team managers must ensure juniors know the basic rules of crown green bowling, and all teams and players to abide by the rules of our association.

Any complaint to be acted on by the Association at committee level.



  1. Matches played on Saturday mornings, on a home and away basis, starting time no later than 10 a.m. Matches can start between 9-30am and 10am, if mutually agreed beforehand. Games are 21 up. Handicaps on cards at start of play.

  2. a) Teams can be made up of a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players

b) Matches to be decided by managers and captains, picking opponents with equal ability and or age to try and prevent miss matches. If this not possible, then revert to a random draw. 

c) Reserves will be allowed up to the time of the last jack becoming available.

d) Play pairs matches first and use four jacks. 2 pairs and 2 singles, 2 singles in last matches.

e) All clubs MUST play with 4 players at least in a match. If not see league rule 17.

4 Players-All play in singles and doubles.

5 Players-4 play in singles, 1 in doubles only along with 3 of first 4

6 Players-4 play in singles, 2 in doubles only along with 2 of the first 4

7 Players-4 play in singles, 3 in doubles only along with 1 of the first 4

8 Players-4 play in singles, 4 in doubles only.


3.   a) If a club has two teams in the league, then the 1st team will have to star and tie their two best bowlers to that team, (This will be decided on previous year’s averages, if applicable). Otherwise two best bowlers on ability if it’s a new team, and register their players in two squads BEFORE season starts.

b)  If a club has two teams in the league, THEN IF PLAYERS SHORT, only the second team shall re-arrange their game. No 1st team should re-arrange unless all players are unavailable.

4.   Clubs entering the League must make their greens available on league dates and for all cup competitions.

  1. No player can play for more than one club in a season except if transferred.

Transfers will only be allowed at the discretion of the full league committee.

After the first league match has been played, any player, who plays for their club, in a league match, CANNOT be transferred in that season.

If a player is registered and doesn’t play, then those players can apply for a transfer, subject to the discretion of the committee.

If a club fails to fulfil their fixtures during the season, (for whatever reason), then players from that club can apply for a transfer to other clubs.

Averages accrued for players at their old club will be void.

6.   Players’ handicaps shall be allocated by age and all players must be under 16 yrs old in the year of competition at the 1st January of that year.


Boys  (15, scr)  (14, +1)  (13, +2)  (12, +3)  (11, +4)  (10, +5)  (9, +6) (8, +7) maximum

Girls   (15, +1)  (14, +2)  (13, +3)  (12, +4)  (11, +5)  (10, +6)  (9, +7) (8, +8) maximum


In pairs games, handicaps added together then halved and rounded up.


Any player selected for Junior County side will play off scratch in our junior league and competitions. Reserves not included until they actually play a full game for the county, but once they play, they will be off scratch after that match for the rest of the season.

These handicaps can only be altered by a full meeting of the League Committee.       

Handicaps on cards at start of game. Team Handicaps added to aggregate score at end of match.

7.   League match scoring is as follows:-

One point for each winner, plus 2 points for the aggregate winners after the addition of the collective handicaps shall be awarded for each match played. 

In addition an overall aggregate bonus point shall be awarded for each home and away (winning) pair of matches. If tie on aggregate, aggregate points shared (1pt each)

8.   Visiting teams shall have the first throw of the jack and can practise for 20 minutes before the start, unless an early start has already been mutually agreed, and practice has been waived.

9.   Each home club shall provide an adult referee, standard jacks, mats and measuring equipment, and be responsible for filling in and returning the result sheet to the League Secretary within 3 days of the match being played, and opposing managers to pick a player of the match from the opposing team, and write their selected player on the official scorecard.

10.   Measuring can be done by the referee, spectators or players.

11.   The teams shall be under Adult Supervision, throughout the game. Any transgression of this rule will be acted upon by the committee.

12.   Matches may be rearranged by mutual consent and must be played BEFORE the last fixture date.

The league secretary to be informed of the reasons for re-arrangement, before ANY match can be re-arranged.

Re-arranged matches must be sanctioned by the league committee, if not due to bad weather.

13.   When there are 2 Sections of the league, the winner of Section 2 to be promoted to Section 1, and the last team in Section 1 to be demoted to Section 2. And when 3 Sections are in the league, Winner of Section 3 to be promoted to Section 2, and last team in Section 2 to be demoted to Section 3.

14.   Flat soled shoes to be worn, and strictly no running on the greens.

  1. A presentation evening will be held on completion of each league season.

  2. Sections of the leagues can be named, after discussions at committee level.

  3. If a team turns up with only three players or less. Then that team forfeits the game 8-0.

Teams can still play out some friendly matches, but no points awarded to the league.




1.   Competitions will be run under the Huddersfield Bowling Association rules, with slight modification appertaining to Junior U/16 Bowling rules. (see below)

2.   All Finals and Pre-lims are 15 up.  (UNDER HUDDERSFIELD U/16 RULES ONLY) including handicapped competitions. (Handicapped by age, as set in league rule no 6). Handicaps on cards at start of game.

3.   Players in pre-lim rounds will be drawn on the day of the pre-lim.

4.   If there are not enough players to form a competitive draw, then a round robin type tournament can be used to establish qualifiers for finals.

5.   Anyone turning up for a pre-lim after 9-45am, will be scratched from the competition.

6.   Competitions start at 10-00am prompt unless otherwise stated. (Night time comps, start-times on sheet)

7.   If you enter as a pair with someone, you CANNOT change your partner without first asking the competition secretaries permission.

8.   There is a dress code for all finals as laid down in the B.C.G.B.A. handbook, and any finalist not properly dressed, can be barred from playing in the final. (See the B.C.G.B.A. bye law no 25)

DRESS CODE will be applied to our three Merits--Boys/Girls U/16 MERIT and BOYS U/18 Merit

9.   Players not turning up for finals can have their prize-money withdrawn.

10.   NO PRACTICE ALLOWED on greens used for prelims prior to start of play.

11.   Entry fees for 2018 are one pound per person for all competitions.

ENTRY FEES:- The association can now bill clubs for any outstanding entry fees or monies at end of season.

  1. New addition:- Under 18 players to pay their entry fees on the day of the competition.



Scoring at League matches, Preliminary Rounds and Finals, must be recorded on two scorecards each marked by different individuals, and scorers to check score with each other after every five ends.




1.   The Huddersfield Team knockout final can be played at a neutral venue. Rounds to start after JUNE.

2.   Team knockout prelims not to clash with girls Yorkshire competitions.

3.   ALL the team knockout pre-lims and intermediate rounds MUST be played on the dates advertised (in school term periods), and cannot be re-arranged. Format:- teams win on aggregate points scored, and are handicapped as position in league at end of previous season.

4.   The handicap is added onto total aggregate score at end of game.

5.   Players age handicap is ALSO to go on cards at start of play, as in league matches.

6.   If a match is tied on aggregate points, then both teams play the same opponent again, two ends only and alternate the jack.

7. Winning team is the one with most aggregate points, and if still a tie carry on with same format until a winner.

IF a player has already left and is not available to play in event of a tie, then the opposing team claim that match 4-0. No substitutes allowed in tie breaker.

8.   If one club enters more than one team in the knockout comp, then players must be named in their respective teams, and must stay in whichever team, they are picked.  Clubs with 2 teams must play 1st teamers in their 1st team and 2nd teamers in their 2nd team, due to the nature of the handicapping. Players who have played more than 4 games in the 1st team will be classed as 1st teamers. Players from second teams can go up into first team, but cannot then come back down in further rounds of the competition.

9.   A Player cannot play twice in one match, in this competition (as in league matches). If you are a player short, then you forfeit that game, 21-0.

10.  Players MUST have played in ONE league match in season of competition, to be eligible to play in the Team Knockout.

11.  Any club failing to abide by this rule and playing an ineligible player will forfeit the match, and the matter taken up by the committee.

12.   A Dress code will be implemented on the finals night of this competition.

***These competition rules apply to our own competitions, and do not affect the Yorkshire Competitions or U/18’s who have their own jurisdiction, as laid down in the Yorkshire and Huddersfield Association handbooks. U/18 COMPETITIONS are 21 up.(pre-lims included)


Closing date for entries to be placed at bottom of entry forms.


FINAL RULE: Any incident not covered by the above rules will be governed by the rules laid down in the B.C.G.B.A. handbook.