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The Huddersfield Ladies Works League was first founded in 1976 and provides
weekly fixtures throughout the summer months for ladies of all ages in the Huddersfield area. 
The designated evening for matches is Monday but if this is not available for any reason then an alternative day of the week may be used.



            SECRETARY:    Andrea Oldham     
604420 / 07854391959

            TREASURER:    to be confirmed

            COMMITTEE MEMBER:  to be confirmed

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League Rules


  1. All games/competitions shall be subject to the "Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls" as specified by the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

  2. Matches to start at 6.45 pm except for those without floodlights when the starting time is 6.30 for the first three and last three games.

  3. All four jacks must be in play 5 minutes after the starting time. Any team in default will lose 21 points for each jack not in play. The same penalty applies if any of the last four jacks are kept waiting longer than 5 minutes because players have not arrived.

  4. The home team to number the cards in order of play.

  5. The Captains decisions to be final in accordance with the rules of the game.

  6. The top two teams in Section 2 at the end of the season must go up into section 1 the following year. Similarly the bottom 2 in section 1 go down to section 2 the following year.

  7. All games shall be played on the date so arranged unless of : a) inclement weather, b) a clash with the Huddersfield Ladies League fixtures, c) Sanderson and Nunns Cup games, d) Bank holidays and in exceptional circumstances with the agreement of the committee. There are no other circumstances allowing games to be cancelled.

  8. The new date of play of the cancelled fixture shall be within 3 weeks of the original date except that if the cancelled fixture is the last game of the season then the rearranged date shall be within one week.

  9. The "home" team shall be responsible for notifying the committee of the new date of the rearranged fixture. Where two clubs are unable to agree on the rearrangement of a fixture notice shall be given to the committee and the committee shall decide what needs to be done to fulfill the fixture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending team(s) being liable for a points deduction penalty, the exact number of points being decided by the committee.

  10. When a team does not have the 8 players required for a match then they shall be allowed to draw back one player to play twice. In this situation all players in the team which is short must go into the random draw to play twice. The person drawn out to play twice shall be positioned at number 1 and 8; therefore cards can only be numbered (by the team that is short) after the draw. The person drawn to play twice must be present and ready to play within 5 minutes of the start of the match, if not they shall forfeit the game. The person playing twice shall play off scratch in both games and in the second game their opponent shall start the game with + 2 on the card. Drawback shall be allowed for up to 4 games in a season. In calculating a persons average only the first game shall count in relation to the person playing twice. Any team(s) found to be in breach of this rule shall have points deducted, the exact number being decided by the committee.

  11. Scoring in matches will be the total aggregate scores.

  12. The average winners in each section to receive a prize. Averages will be determined by the number of wins in a season.

  13. Home team players may practice on the green up to 5 minutes before a match.

  14. New registrations may be made throughout the season.

  15. Teams may adopt the name of any Business.

  16. In accordance with the edict from the Yorkshire Crown Green Bowling Association (YCGBA) players must be members of their host club or be registered "as a club" and all LAD numbers are to be included. Only a club registered with the YCGBA in its own right will be liable for Public Liability Insurance, the others are included in their host clubs PLI.


Last amended 2019