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Yorkshire CCGBA Council Minutes

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According to it's handbook, the Yorkshire CCGBA Council runs crown green bowling in Yorkshire. So when I received a copy of the minutes of that Council for their meeting held on 28 July 2022 I was especially keen to see what plans they had for the future of bowling in light of the reducing number of teams and bowlers. I was to be disappointed as this didn't feature on their agenda however such topics as Zoom meetings, neutral green selections, the appointment of the YCCGBA's first Development Officer, administration of bowler registrations and the identification of a new Vice-President who would become the YCCGBA President in 2024 all featured prominently in the record.

The record also shows that there were more apologies than attendees and that no Huddersfield representative was in attendance or had sent their apologies.

Eight months into the 2022 financial year and the Yorkshire CCGBA is still without a Treasurer and no financial statement for 2021 has yet been made available. The meeting heard of a likely candidate to take on the role so hopefully that will be followed up with an appointment in due course and good luck to them in pulling such historical financial information together and the publication of the 2021 accounts.

The Yorkshire CCGBA website hasn't been updated for over a year but a new individual has come forward to assume the role of leading on this important communications tool so, again hopefully, things will be improved in the not too distant future.

A complaint had been received from Lower Hopton regarding their participation in a County team competition at Hemsworth Cons where ladies were not allowed in the bar. Progress has been made to have mixed-gender competitions now but that on-the-green relationship stops at the entrance to the clubhouse apparently.

I was surprised to see that the minutes included a personal remark about the BCGBA Chief Executive Officer being attributed to Keith Hatzer when he said 'the BCGBA CEO was undertaking too much work and needed to concentrate on his main role.' I am sure that guidance will have been well received!

There was no mention of the new email circulation list that was introduced at the AGM in February to great acclaim and having placed my name on that list representing a Huddersfield League I still await my first such communications from them. My copy of the YCCGBA Council meeting minutes did not come direct from YCCGBA but through a third-party to whom I am very grateful.

Your very own copy of the full minutes are here for you to download and read at your leisure or alternative scroll down and read them in full on this page.

YCCGBA Minutes Council 28.07.22
Download PDF • 547KB

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Aug 05, 2022

Thanks for the minutes- if nothing else it tells us what they are doing - some information is better than none. As a former Treasurer of a number of sports I am concerned that the accounts haven’t been produced - things could be in a right mess- so, it’s good someone seems prepared to step forward.

Philp of Lindley


Aug 05, 2022

Your very quick to knock other organizations Jeff...that's easy to do and cheap comments don't help get the growth back into the sport we need to help each other... absolutely brilliant website you've produced and a good winter league you have provided if still excluding some groups(see I can do cheap shots as well). We all need to pull together

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