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YCCGBA Exec approved use of personal bank accounts

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I have received two emails from Yorkshire CCGBA regarding the posting yesterday about lax financial controls of YCCGBA funds. One indicates that the Executive approved the use of personal bank accounts for YCCGBA funds. The email supports the actions of the Chief Executive and goes on to respond to my concerns about the use of personal bank accounts and states ....

... the other matter you mention, is not a major issue as we struggle with banking (due to volume of transactions) to get free banking and the executive is happy with the process and it is checked & audited.

The fact that the Executive is 'happy' for personal bank accounts to be used for YCCGBA business and says that it 'is not a major issue' is not reassuring in the slightest and questions their collective wisdom. I am very surprised at this statement knowing some of the individuals on the Executive and their views and experiences of financial affairs. The two don't seem to fit at all.

The email goes on to talk about the 2022 year-end accounts ...

... I will set up a meeting with him [Stephen Lofthouse the new YCCGBA Treasurer] and then get them audited to present to the Council meeting in July.

I have been promised a copy of the accounts when they are ready and I of course will be sharing them with everyone on HuddWeb.

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Jun 02, 2023

As in many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Sometimes the right way can be a bit more difficult but, in my experience, this is no excuse to chose the wrong way particularly in financial matters which the WCGBA appear to have done.

The Accounts for the last two years will make interesting reading when they are eventually produced.

Philip of Huddersfield

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