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Winter League survey results 3

Winter League

Part 3 of our report back on the findings from the Winter League bowler's survey asked the question 'What would you like to change about the League for next year. The responses to that question are below and tomorrow we finalise this feedback with a summary of what day of the week people prefer to play the league matches on next season.

What would you like to change about the League for next year?

  • Expand the league if there is the interest from individuals and clubs Jim Baxter. Milnsbridge BC

  • Nothing Peter Swinden, Meltham BC

  • The format is good other than the scoring system. All three alternatives are better than the present system. Alan Hobson, Thorpe Green

  • home team does not start with the jack Paul Rushworth, Thorpe Green

  • Staggered start times for teams and 2 from each team on at same time followed by next two. David Frost, Thorpe Green.

  • Nine teams in a league (1 team has a bye each week), each venue has 8 teams (two jacks/team) with staggered start times and points system where a point is given for every 5 points scored (As referenced in earlier question above). Start time around 10-30 to ensure last games finish well before school finishing times. Mike Thornton, Lindley BC

  • Not a lot. Perhaps more ladies Glynis Philbin, Lindley BC

  • If 6 teams at a green (A B C D E F), I would l would have it as follows. First 4 - 2 players from 'A' v 2 players from 'B' plus 2 players from 'C' v 2 players from 'D' Second 4 - 2 players from 'A' v 2 players from 'B' plus 2 players from 'E' v 2 players from 'F' Last 4 - 2 players from 'C' v 2 players from 'D' plus 2 players from 'E' v 2 players from 'F' Peter Fuller, Lindley BC

  • levelling of teams abilities Anon, Dalton

  • More teams allowed to enter Ray Clayton, Netherton Con

  • Averages John Allen, Lindley BC

  • Automatic 2 team promotion and relegation. Play half games at one green and half at the other.( problem for host clubs S. and M.?) Aim for 3 divisions of 9 teams - like the existing format of one team having a free week. If more teams and another green available, then play all the new teams on the new green. In longer term all teams play third of games on each of the 3 greens if numbers allow etc. Get say, a 3 year rolling commitment from the clubs providing the greens for an appropriate fee. Decide in advance how the final league table will be decided if the League has to be curtailed for whatever reason. Eg base on percentage of wins or average points per game. Get as many respectable sponsors as possible. Continue the aim of being different to other bowling leagues. What about having 6 person teams eg 4 singles and 1 pair if realistically possible on a match day. A.N.O.

  • Nothing David Cooper, Springwood Bowling Club

  • Perhaps go to a 11:00 start and the points system, 2 points per game with 1 point for the aggregate. Jeff Mellor, Springwood.

  • Not a great deal it's been fantastic Malc Gilbert, Clayton West

  • Start at 11.00 am. John Pix. Springwood

  • Just a staggered start Brian Faichney Huddersfield Rec Club

  • I know some bowlers have mentioned the averages, apart from that nothing. Tim Poulter, Clayton West BC

  • If many more teams enter this competition and we are free of COVID and the winter league can play uninterrupted (weather permitting) II would like to see a structured league where top teams are in the same division(s). Whilst appreciating this inaugural season has placed top teams and lower placed teams together there have been too many 6-0 results to the top teams. This may put many bowlers off joining the league. Mike Pointon, Huddersfield Rec Club.

  • leagues to represent standard of bowling Helen Lambert, Springwood

  • Change to staggered start times. Some bowlers are waiting for 90 minutes to bowl. OK on a good day but people get cold then bowling is no pleasure. League needs restructuring - strongest teams in a division. the league is going to get bigger and better so needs to become more competitive with promotion and relegation. If new teams enter registrations need to be looked at so that teams are placed in the correct division. Really well done this year and congratulations to all involved. Let's move this league on to be one of the best !!! Dave Turner, Springwood

  • I am in no rush to change anything, but do think perhaps that 2 singles and a doubles game might be the way forward. Bob Haigh, HRC

  • Aggregate scored wouĺd be better as every point a person wins is rewarded and staggered start times like the Darton League Dave Turner, Springwood

Tomorrow we will complete the feedback on the results from the survey by reporting on what days of the week are preferred as playing dates by bowlers for the 2021-22 season

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