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Winter League starts up at Lindley Lib

Winter League

A preview of the Winter League Division 4 matches being played on Monday 17 October

The first-ever Winter League season set of fixtures at Lindley Lib will open on Monday when the club welcomes the eight teams in Division 4 to begin their 14-week season. A lot of work has been undertaken on the green in preparation for this milestone date and it is looking especially good as can be seen from the photos below.

Division 4 includes 5 teams making their Winter League debuts so that will be interesting all around. The other three teams all finished in the bottom half of Division 3 last season and two of those go head-to-head on Monday when Lowerhouses 'B' take on Huddersfield Recreation Club 'B'. Last year Lowerhouses won both matches 6-2 and will be aiming to repeat that outcome. Both teams broadly consist of the same bowlers who played last year so a similar result could be anticipated but both teams have large squads that will all be itching to get on the green. The Lowerhouses 'B' team has 13 bowlers signed on whilst the Recreation Club has nine so the actual team make-up for Monday's match is far from obvious.

The other established team is Milnsbridge 'B' and they have added another three bowlers to their squad to make up a total of 14 registered bowlers vying for places in their four-person team. With a likely team selection rotation system in place again the results are likely to be variable and unpredictable but that is one of the attractions of winter bowling. Their opening day opponents already know the green very well as it is the Lindley Lib 'B' team who are new to the League. They will be looking to take advantage of that local knowledge especially in the opening weeks of the season before it becomes too familiar to the other teams.

Lindley Liberal Club members have been working hard in preparation for this opening day, both on and off the green, so we will all be interested to see how the day pans out. All bowlers and spectators are directed to the side entrance on the Daisy Lea side of the green where the side gate will be open for access for all. So it is a warm welcome to the five new teams and also to Lindley Lib to Winter league action, we trust that it will be an enjoyable experience on all fronts. The green is looking very good so let the action commence.

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