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Winter League: Roll of Honours

Winter League

More photos from the End-of-Season Party1 at Netherton Con last Friday. These cover more of the formal side of the presentations for teams in Divisions 4, 5 and 6. There were trophies for the three Division winning teams as well as the Top Bowler in each Division. An additional trophy in each Division this year as Netherton Con donated three one-off wooden spoon trophies. Just to sweeten that recognition a little the League added a box of chocolates to go along with that award to the teams that finished bottom of their respective divisions.

We are promised some more 'informal' photos as well so look out for those later as well. Thank to our hosts Netherton Con who proved to be excellent providers of food and dance and the bar did good business throughout the event. We hope that you all enjoyed it.

The full 2023-24 Roll of Honour for teams from Divisions 4, 5 and 6 is:

Division 4

Champions - Thorpe Green C - The Arthur Tracey Cup

Top Bowler – Stuart Greaves (New Mill) -The Tony Booth Cup Wooden Spoon & Chocolates - Springwood B

Division 5 Champions – Slaithwaite - The Netherton Con Cup

Top Bowler – Chris Sykes (Slaithwaite)The Netherton Con Trophy Wooden Spoon & Chocolates - Netherton Con B

Division 6

Champions – Linthwaite Hall - The Founders’ Shield

Top Bowler – Jean Winchcombe (Linthwaite Hall) - The Treasurer’s Trophy

Wooden Spoon & Chocolates - Mirfield B

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