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Winter League meeting of clubs

Winter League

The End of Season Meeting of Clubs will be held at Milnsbridge BC at 2pm on Wednesday 23 March when all League clubs should be represented. We also welcome any team interested in joining the League for next season. If you have an interest then you are most welcome to attend and get a feel for what this League is all about. The closing date for new team applications is 4 July and we already have 10 new team applications in the pipeline.

A copy of the Agenda and all the papers are attached for your information but a sample of the business to be conducted is below.

There are three main pieces of business to be conducted at the End of Season meeting.

  1. Presentation of trophies to team and individual winners of the 2021-22 League season.

  2. The draw for the three Qualifying Rounds of The Winter Cup.

  3. Vote on any proposed rule changes.

There will also be a review of the 2021-22 season with views and discussions about what has worked well and what needs changing for next season. We are still a very young league and we are learning all the time about how teams want the League to function and equally important we are listening to bowlers and are prepared to change.

We will look forward to the 2022-23 season with some early indication of new team applications and likely format of the divisions although the deadline is open until Monday 4 July for any team to apply to join.

Only current League teams are permitted to vote on rule changes at this meeting or put forward proposed changes but anyone is allowed to speak on these proposals. We look forward to a good attendance and a lively meeting of current and prospective teams.

The full meeting agenda and relevant papers are here for you to download in one file.

WL EndOfseason Agenda March 2022
Download PDF • 97KB

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