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Winter League logo poll result

Winter League

Last week we held an online poll on your preferred design from 6 short-listed logos for the Winter League. Voting was restricted to League bowlers and 32 of you cast your votes to give us an overwhelming winner.

Logo number 4 from the list below took first choice from 15 of the 32 votes. It was also the top scorer as 2nd choice with a further 10 votes. In fact 31 of the 32 voters included No.4 in their top 3 selections to make it an overwhelming winner.

The Winner

So to remind you that the Management Committee had agreed that we need to have a League logo. As a new competition we need to promote ourselves in the local bowling community and develop our own identity. The introduction of a logo is part of that programme of work. Some work has been undertaken to come up with some relevant draft designs and a shortlist of 6 was concocted.

Below are the six designs that were shortlisted. We are all agreed that the dominant colour should be green (as in 'crown green' and 'grass') and the dominant shape should be round (as in 'bowls').

1 2 3

4 5 6

What happens now? Well, this outcome will be put before the Management Committee and it would be a brave member to oppose the will of the club members. However, in an interesting development, a local bowler who is also a printer offered to take the draft copy of the winning logo to see if a professional graphic designer could improve on the quality of the end product so we will await the outcome of that work before deciding anything further.

There were also a couple of suggestions that the 'Winter League' wording on No.4 would look more prominent if the lettering was black, so we have thrown that into the pot as well. We'll come back to you on this.

The final placings (based on scoring 3pts for each 1st place, 2pts for each 2nd place and 1pt for third places) gave us an overall final running order of:

1st - No.4 71 points 2nd - No.3 45 pts 3rd - No.5 37 pts

4th - No. 2 17 pts 5th - No.6 16 pts 6th - No.1 6 pts

Thanks to all those who took the time to study the shortlist and then voted.

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