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Winners & Losers competition update

Winter League

With the stop-start season we are enduring for the Winter League you may have forgotten that we are running a forecasting competition alongside the playing season.

You might have forgotten but our Treasurer certainly hasn't as he currently has a full house of Leaders and Losers as we head towards Christmas.

Before the season started we asked you to name the teams that you thought would finish top and bottom of our two Divisions. It was open to all-comers and 28 of you submitted your best guesses.

We have since lost Huddersfield Recreation Club 'B' who have withdrawn from the League but have been replaced by Milnsbridge 'B'. All entrants who have included the Recreation Club 'B' side will have Milnsbridge 'B' now added to replace them as per the rule 'all decisions will be made by the organiser and are binding' which I just invented. With the Recreation Club'B' side the most selected team to finish bottom of the Milnsbridge Division it is important so I hope that Milnsbridge 'B' appreciate that they have a lot to live up to!

A £20 Well-Bowled Sales Voucher to the end-of-season winner courtesy of a generous donation from Philip Walker and we now provide the full update as after the matches on Thursday 10 December.

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