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Clue to Two-Green Quiz

Bowling Quiz

I posted this question yesterday and I haven't received one correct guess yet. That being the case I will leave it online for another 24 hours before revealing the answer but hopefully by then someone will have identified at least one of the greens featured.

Here is a clue - the guesses so far that are neither of the greens in question are Crosland Moor, Hemplow, Paddock C&BC, Milnsbridge or Netherton Con. So over to you again ....

Can you identify which Huddersfield-area bowling green is in the centre of this photo and also which bowling green was the cameraman stood on when he took this photo? So two greens/clubs to identify. I will not name the cameraman until later as his name might provide a clue I am not prepared to give you! Email your best guesses to Good luck with that.

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