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Three teams withdraw from Veterans League

Veterans League

We have just been made aware of the first teams to withdraw from the Veterans League in advance of the 2021 season. Meltham have withdrawn their C team from the 10-Man League and Marsden Park and Lockwood Con will not be competing in the 6-Man League in 2021.

Marsden Park have struggled for team members in recent years and to counter this they dropped their 10-Man League side for 2019 and just ran a 6-man team. The situation has since worsened and the club has disbanded altogether.

Lockwood Con has been a major player in both the 10-man and 6-man competitions for many years and in the last playing season, 2019, their 6-man team won the Section B title to return to the top level after a year out of the league altogether. Twice previous winners of the 6-Man League top division with the last time being 2017. Their matches against long-time rivals Longwood being the highlight and championship-deciding confrontations of many a season.

The Meltham C team finished at the foot of Section 4 of the 10-Man League in 2019 and would have played in Section 5 last year if the competition had gone ahead. Their A side will continue in Section A whilst their B team were relegated from Section 2 at the end of the 2019 season. They have since notified the League of the withdrawal of their C team from the league altogether.

All clubs have until 11 January to notify the League of their intentions regarding number of teams to play in the league in 2021.

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Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin
01 ene 2021

Dave I haven't mentioned that because I didn't know about it because nobody from the Veterans League will tell me anything any more about their secret world. All I post is all I get from other people. I'm pleased that you have gained one new team and I would have liked to have shared that with readers. As the new League Secretary I am happy to post good news stories from you. How about it?

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
01 ene 2021

very informative post,but you havent mentioned the fact that we have gained a 6 man team,and that is from holmfirth,who now have 2 x 10 man,and 2 x 6 man

Me gusta
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