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Relegation decider proves inconclusive

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Winter League

A review of the Division 1 matches played on Wednesday 19 January 2022

The 16-point battle between two relegation-threatened teams from Division 1 saw Lowerhouses 'A' beat Milnsbridge 'A' 6-2 to overtake them in the league table. That result doing very little to resolve the relegation battle. At the start of play Milnsbridge held a 2-point lead over their Lowerhouses counterparts. At the end of the day that 2-point advantage had switched to Lowerhouses to ensure that the outcome of their head-to-head battle is extended into the final 3 weeks of the season and still everything to play for. Lowerhouses took both singles games and looked to be heading for a whitewash win as their pairs opened up an early 9-2 lead in the final game. But they couldn't sustain that form and were pegged back before eventually losing 18-21 to leave everything still in the balance.

Whilst the win this week may have gone to Lowerhouses the impact on the final outcome is still inconclusive. Both teams have two matches left to play all against teams with their focus very much on finishing the season in the top two positions in the table. Lowerhouses are scheduled to play Kirkheaton Con (2nd) and Lindley BC 'A' (3rd) whilst Milnsbridge have still to meet New Millers (4th) and Lower Hopton (1st). The saga continues with the next thrilling instalment next Wednesday.

Meanwhile Lower Hopton continue their relentless stroll to the Division 1 Championship with Thorpe Green 'A' becoming their 13th consecutive scalp resulting in the gap to the chasing pack widening up to 20-points. At this pace the presentation of the Founders Cup can be brought forward and awarded to the winners before the end of the season.

The New Millers and Lindley BC 'A' maintained their challenges in the race for the runners-up position with routine 6-2 and 8-0 wins respectively. Six points separate the four teams still in contention for that second-place finish but Clayton West may be feeling the pace and having played one more match than the other three contenders will do well to retain an interest in the outcome past next week when they take on Lower Hopton.

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