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Recreation Club win Sub-Team KO

Veterans League

Huddersfield Recreation Club is celebrating it's first full season under their new name (previously Canalside) by winning the Veterans League Sub-Team KO Final against Lowerhouses. Section 3 team Lowerhouses started favourites but the Section 4 leaders were quickly into their stride and won 6 of the 7 games and finishing with a 169-121 aggregate advantage. They had started with a 5-point handicap start but that was never a factor in their victory. Lowerhouses are a good team, having a good season but on the day the Recreation Club were clearly the better team, so congratulations to them.

The Sub-Team Knock-Out is for the teams that do not qualify for the Team Knock-Out which is primarily teams that finished the previous League season in the bottom half of the Section 3 table or in Sections 4 or 5. The format is the same as a League match, 4 Singles and 3 Pairs with the better aggregate score determining the winner. In the event of a draw then the team that won most of the 7 individual games will be declared the winner.

I am grateful to the Huddersfield Recreation Club and David Sykes for the photographs below.

Huddersfield Recreation Club - Sub-Team KO Winners 2021 Captain, Bob Haigh, receiving the trophy from Veterans League Secretary, Richard Armitage Photos courtesy of Huddersfield Recreation Club

Action shot of the Final taken by David Sykes

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