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Over-80's KO this Friday

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Veterans League

There is only one individual competition being played in the Veterans League this season and that is the Over-80's KO with 17 entrants and the draw now made. The curtail in KO competitions has been forced upon the League by the reduced calendar this year but this competition survives primarily because it traditionally attracts a small number of bowlers making it manageable and is part of the Finals Day format of the Julie Fuller Trophy which is also going ahead along with the other three team competitions.

Last season's (2019) two finalists are in the line-up and in different halves of the draw so could, in theory, meet once again in the final. The 2019 holder Eddie Hine faces Brian Faichney with runner-up Gordon Walker due to meet George Stockton. The opening rounds are to be played on two greens on Friday 30 July at 1.30pm and the full draw along with bowler handicaps is listed below.

To be played at Thorpe Green

Round 1

S Goodwin (Meltham) +7 v G Firth (Elland C&BC) +3

D Berry (Meltham) +5 v M Wood (Brockholes) +4

G Rollinson (Holmfirth) +5 v D Holmes (Marsh United) +5

G Walker (Kirkheaton Con) +4 v G Stockton (Almondbury Lib) +7

To be played at Huddersfield RUBC Preliminary Round

F Greenwood (Golcar Lib) Scratch v T Sykes (Marsh United) +3

Round 1

E Hine (Kirkheaton C&BC) +4 v B Faichney (Hudd Rec Club) +6

R Sutton (Meltham) +3 v D Armitage (Hemplow) +4

J Cocking (Hemplow) +7 v G Cushing (Meltham) +5

J Townend (Paddock I&C) +4 v F Greenwood or T Sykes

Round 2 will be played on 20 August

Semi-Finals and Final to be played on 3 September.

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