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Over-70s to play 3 matches in a day

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Veterans League

The Veterans League Management Committee have decided to compress the Over-70s Pairs KO with the two finalists playing 5 matches in two days. The earlier format saw the 5 rounds being played over 3 days but that was changed by the Management Committee according to the League's Bowlnet front page. Why?

That notice says that 'Players welfare is once again paramount'.

This is clearly not the case with management-speak seeming to mean more than action and is administrative interference of the most dangerous order. A late June date is likely to be warm, it may even be a swelteringly hot day. Playing 3 pairs matches in a day is likely to be well in excess of 3 hours of competitive bowling in one afternoon. At least one of the bowlers is aged over 90. At least 8 more are aged over 80.

I really hope that they don't have cause to regret that thoughtless decision.

June 22 Preliminary Round down to 16 pairs at Ravensknowle Park and Springwood at 1.30pm June 29 – Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & Final at Lowerhouses at 12.30pm start time

The Preliminary Rounds will be played on two greens this Thursday with the draws being made on the day at green-side. The split of entrants for each green is shown below.

PRELIMINARY ROUND Thursday 22 June 1.30pm

at Ravensknowle Park

Alan Crowther/Graham Howe (2) Longwood

Dave Hill/Chris Doran (3) Lindley Lib

David Pollard/Derrick Hewitt (scr) Cowcliffe

Denis Garner/Paul Winterburn (3) Netherton Con

Derek Frost/Jack Dunne (5) David Browns

Douglas Hamilton/Ken Roys (1) Marsh United

Eddie Haigh/Mick Cox (scr) Lockwood

Frank Greenwood/Mick Chapman (2) Golcar Lib

Mel Walker/Gordon Walker (2) Kirkheaton Con

Keith Hilton/Tony Stokes (4) Brockholes

Paul Rangely/Barry Gibson (1) Meltham

Trevor Sykes/John Ollerenshaw (2) Marsh United

PRELIMINARY ROUND Thursday 22 June 1.30pm at Springwood

Alan Starkey/Malcolm Waddington (4) Meltham

Allen Chapman/Steven Addy (2) Meltham

Brian Faichney/Mike Hollingdrake (4) Hudd Rec

Chris Brook/Les Holmes (1) Lowerhouses

Dennis Lomax/David Thorpe (6) New Mill

G Rollinson/E Armitage (3) Holmfirth

John Abbot/Peter Kain (2) Lockwood

Neil Hinchliffe/Geoff Chadwick (5) Marsh United

Philip Peel/David Matthews (6) Dalton

Richard Walker/Leslie Chadwick (6) Brockholes

Tim Poulter/Edwin Haigh (scr) Clayton West

Tommy Broadbent/David Jones (7) Primrose Hill

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