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Winter League

It is very clear to anyone who has ever attended a Winter League match at any of our six host clubs that the day is not all about bowling. Matchdays are very much a social occasion as well with spectators turning up in increasing numbers to sample the atmosphere and socialise with like-minded individuals.

The catering aspects of matchdays should not be under-estimated either. Hot food on a cold winter's day for 50 or 60 pensioners is almost an essential to keep the blood circulating and minds alert. The range of food made available by the host clubs has developed over time and now there is a selection worthy of some commercial outlets.

Robert Tracey took a couple of photographs of some of the goodies on display at Netherton Con this week and if you like cake then Netherton is the place to be as well as the ever-popular drip bread. Take a look at the range of products on offer. Then scroll down further to catch up on a new sideline of goods becoming available at Springwood. As well as the much-revered home-made soup there are now take-away goods to be purchased including home-made jams, pickles and chutneys.

... and from Springwood we have a choice of home-made jams, pickles and chutneys.

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Great spread ladies much appreciate


27 oct. 2023

Looks like the place you’d happily stop by for a coffee and a cake. Perhaps I should treat my wife and call in !! There’s no doubt that what these Clubs are offering is a big reason why there are so many spectators.

Philip of Lindley

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