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Name The Green No.3


Did you guess that Name The Green No.2 was Kirkheaton C&BC? Well it was and 14 correct answers were received and they were from Lynn Carter, Frank Richardson, David Catherine, Bill Blackburn, Paul Cooney, David Sykes, Jeff Mellor, Glynis Philbin, Tim Poulter, John Hodgson, Barry Tinker, Martin Holt, Mike Pointon and Bernie Toon.

Plenty of incorrect answers on this one with Shepley, Grange Moor, Dalton, Almondbury BC and Skel Windmill all gathering support, but all wrong.

We are turning up the noise now a little with a more challenging image for you to identify where this green is. Name The Green No.3 is below. Email to your best guess to get a name-check on the website if you guess correctly. Please don't put your answer into the Comments field at the foot of this posting as that spoils the fun for others and will be deleted and your name will not appear among the list of correct entries.

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