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Name The Green No.2

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Bowling News

We invited you to identify a local bowling green from a small snapshot of it. We do it every winter but especially so this year when things are a little more desperate and we all crave a little respite from the monotony of lockdown.

Name The Green No.1 had Milnsbridge Liberal as its hidden green and we had a good response when we closed the opening challenge with 16 correct answers all listed below. A number also got it wrong but now it is time to move on to No.2 which will close at 10:00am on Saturday. The competition runs on alternate days through December so you have 48 hours to get your best guess submitted on the form below if you want to get a gold star for achievement.

Sixteen correct answers submitted over the last 48 hours and they came from David Catherine, David Frost, Peter Swinden, Alan Fawcett, Woody, Margaret Whitwam, T H Umpeg, Andrew Carter, Alan Brown, David Sykes, Mike Pointon, Norman Raper, Jeff Smith, Stuart Goddard, Hugh and Dix and you are all joint leaders after the first round. I'll keep count of the best of you at this game and add them to the page on a frequent basis as I know how you all love a bit of friendly competition. Alternatively just play along for your own amusement.

So Name The Green No.2 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

The competition runs on alternate days through December.

The answer to No.2 and Name The Green No.3 will be online on Saturday.

Name The Green No.2


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