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Name the Green No.14

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Bowling News

Name the Green No.13 didn't work out to be the real teaser it could have been and I have been a little generous offering 2 points for Name the Green No.13 which was Ravensknowle Park. A total of 29 entries of which 22 were correct and Jeff Smith our competition leader was among those 22. I don't intend being so generous for No.14 and you will have to work hard for your 2 points on this one.

Green No.13 was Ravensknowle Park

That was a double points round so 2 points for each correct answer leaves the leaderboard looking like this.

15 Jeff Smith

13 David Catherine, Mike Thornton, Andrew Carter 11 Tim Poulter, Mike Pointon, Margaret Whitwam

10 Jeff Mellor

9 Bob Haigh, David Sykes, T H Umpeg, Woody

8 Alan Brown, Peter Swinden

Only 3 more rounds to go and they are going to be 3 real snorters. No more Mr Nice Guy, when the going gets tough etc. The last 3 rounds are all for double points and this is (in my opinion) the most difficult of the final threesome, although I may be wrong about that as well.

The competition runs on alternate days right through December. You can submit your best guess if you like and then you are into the unofficial count for which there is absolutely no prize whatsoever other than the smug satisfaction of getting more right than anyone else. Alternatively just play along for your own amusement.

Name The Green No. 14 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

You are only allowed one entry so the first one submitted will be the only one counted.

The answer to No.14 and Name The Green No.15 will be online on Tuesday.

Name The Green No.14


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