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Name the Foreign Green 7

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Bowling News

We still have quite a few more foreign greens to include in this series which should take us safely through to mid-February. Following that we have a new Name the Green competition to follow on. More about that later but for today we have the answers to Name the Foreign Green No.6 and open up for entries Name the Foreign Green 7.

No.6 was quite challenging for some with Soothill proving to be the least identified one of the three. There were six entries that successfully identified all three and they included our two leaders with the updated record below.

Name the Foreign Green 6 Answers

Cleckheaton Moorend Soothill, Batley Overthorpe

The leader board currently looks like this:

17 Jeff Mellor

16 Springwood Exile

15 Dave Turner, Frank Richardson, John Gatenby,

14 David Catherine, Mike Thornton, Bob Haigh

13 Maurice Nicholson

12 Mike Pointon

10 Malcolm Gilbert

Ready to try again? Three more out of town greens for you to identify.

As usual they are all within 15 miles of Huddersfield town centre.

If you fancy your chances of naming any of them then use the form to submit your best guesses. One point for each green correctly identified. I'm keeping a running total of the best scores but this is just for fun, no prizes. Closing date for No.7 is late Monday and the answers will be online on Tuesday along with Name the Foreign Green 8.



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